I’m Sarah Kerbosch, a multidisciplinary Designer/artisT

My name is Sarah Kerbosch. I am a multidisciplinary designer/artist from The Netherlands, with a background in fashion design and research. I combine different techniques and materials, which results in my multidisciplinary practice in which I use fashion- and costume design, set design, illustration, writing and performance.

I have an ongoing interest in the effect of space on the physical and mental well-being, from a tiny cave to the way an entire city is constructed. My favourite tool to work with is the body, and I draw inspiration from working with the influence of the body on shape, and vice versa. I work in an experimental way, in order to discover all the characteristics of the materials that I work with, from which flow new discoveries which often become part of the final result.

I have a background in fashion design and research. I studied Liberal Arts and Sciences at the Amsterdam University College, Amsterdam, before going to ArtEZ Academy of the Arts, Arnhem. My never-ending curiosity and ability to transform the world around me into the visual and verbal, enables me to delve deeply into a wide variety of subjects and create multidisciplary work.

My favourite colour combination is purple and orange, therefore I try not to make everything purple and orange.


Play rug for grown-ups using tufting and screen printing

Costumes with integrated light for performance

Illustrated book about feeling at home in the city of Rotterdam

Set and costume design for dance piece 'Why Change'

Exhibition and co-curator of arts festival KONVOOI, Bruges, Belgium

Short animation film for Fashion Design Festival Arnhem (FDFA)n

Interactive website

Exhibition and performance on femininity

Multidisciplinary design and performance residency, Oldenburg, Duitsland

Two week residency with collective ‘Residents’, researching space and home

Costume design for feature film SPUTUM

Publications, Exhibitions and Performances

2023 - Exhibition About a woman - in your face

2023 - Exhibition Keilewerf + De Kroon

2021 - Exhibition and performance DIGOC, Nijmegen

2021 - Exhibition and performance DIGOC, Culemborg

2021 - Exhibition and co-curator at arts festival, Bruges

2021 - Feautured illustration

2021 - The Lonely Wardrobe performance, Nijmegen

2021 - Exhibition and performance DIGOC, Arnhem

2020 - Design featured

2020 - Exhibition online

2019 - Design featured short film by Nerea Vera

2019 - Design featured

2018 - Design featured


Bachelor Fashion Design

Bachelor Liberal Arts and Sciences Thesis “How does art in the environment influence mood and behaviour”