I am a multidisciplinary artist-designer with a background in fashion design and research. I studied International Relations and Psychology at the Amsterdam University College, Amsterdam, before going to ArtEZ Academy of the Arts, Arnhem. My never-ending curiosity, research-based working method and ability to transform the world around me into the visual and verbal, enables me to delve deeply into a wide variety of subjects and create multi-layered work. I work both individually as well as collaboratively.

Man walking bird


June-July 2021       FDFA (Fashion Design Festival Arnhem) – performance exhibition of ‘Dit Is                                    Geen Ondergoed Collectie’ with Guusje de Bruin

August 2021          KONVOOI – Art festival Bruges – exhibition with Guusje de Bruin and Emmy                                Hermans

Feb 2021                The Lonely Wardrobe – performance at Stichting Hubert for WIEBERT, for                                    open source radio, 24 uur Samen Alleen, with Guusje de Bruin

2021                       DGKK 2021 (The Grand Art Calendar), by Trichis publishers – featured                                            artwork

2020                       Surface Gallery – online exhibition

2020                       Kaltblutt Magazine – publication design

2019                       Lucy’s Magazine Print #40 – publication design

2019                       Tierkreis, a music fashion film – Costume featured in short film by artist                                        Nerea Vera


Upcoming 2021     KONVOOI – Art festival Bruges – co-curator

Jan 2021 – july 2021 Dit Is Geen Ondergoed Collectie – funded by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve                                      Industrie and Schakel025, in collaboration with Guusje de Bruin

Jul 2020                   Flausen+ residency Oldenburg, Germany – Multidisciplinary research and                                        performance residency with Guusje de Bruin and Merle I Mischke I Klee,                                        grant from Heij Konijn Fonds

Jan 2020                 Pension Almonde Residency with ‘Residents’ – Rotterdam Research and                                           design residency

Dec 2018 – Nov 2019 SPUTUM – feature film by Rots Filmwerk, Director Dan Geesin – Costume                                      design and realisation

Dec 2018                  Veluwe Residency – with collective ‘Residents’

May  – Jul 2017        Graduation exhibition ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design Arnhem –                                                Assistant curator , with Lenn Cox

Mei  2017                RAVAGE Exhibition Museum Arnhem – Assistant curator, with Lenn Cox

Jan – Feb 2017        Bernhard Willhelm, Los Angeles – Intern

2016-2017                Collectie Arnhem – Designer, concept developer and spokeswoman

Sep 2013                 Viktor & Rolf, Paris –  Dresser show Viktor & Rolf S/S 2014

Aug 2013                 One Love collection for Frans Molenaar Award, Desiree Hammen and Jarwo                                  Gibson – Design assistant

Jan 2013 – Feb 2013 Sir Plus Clothing, London –  Intern

Jun 2012 – Aug 2012 IMG Models Paris – Intern


Sep 2013 – Jul 2018 ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Arnhem – Bachelor Fashion Design

Sep 2012 – 2013       Akademie Vogue, Amsterdam – Fashion Design

Sep 2010 – 2013      Amsterdam University College (AUC), University of Amsterdam – Bachelor                                    Liberal Arts and Sciences Major: Social Science (Psychology, International                                      Relations), thesis on how art in the environment influences mood and                                              behaviour